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Juanjo Temiño - "Fotik"
Madrid - Spain / Biography

" I am always pursuing the light,.. the light makes magical the ordinary "
(Trent Parke)

Hello, my name is Juanjo Temiño, although everyone knows me as "FOTIK". I am a native of Madrid - Spain, where I was born in the 60's and where I continue living today.

I was trained as an aeronautical and computer engineer, although I was soon caught by the magic of photography. His creative power, together with my restless character that makes me interested in all kinds of activities and techniques, is what has made me the photographer I'm today, and although I practice all kinds of photography because it is my passion, I have a predilection for the nature photography to which I try to contribute front an artistic point of view as my personal vision.

I do not like to define myself as a photographer, I really prefer to leave that definition to the interpretation of each observer, but it is true that I have always been reflected in a couple of thoughts of one of the greatest in photography of all times:

" There are no rules for good photographs, they are just good photographs " / " Photography is more than a way for the effective communication of ideas. It's a creative art "
( Ansel Adams )


· Winner "V Contest Best Wildlife Photo" -  Fotorevista Argentina - 2017
· Winner contest Canon Spain -  "Madbirdfair"- 2016
· Winner International contest "EDC Natura" -  Category "Wildlife" - 2016
· Finalyst International contest "EDC Natura" -  Category "Macro" - 2016
· Winner "IV Contest Naturalezavision" -  Category "Landscape" - 2015

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