Workshops / Training
Workshops / Training

Wildlife photography

Personal training per hours or one-day workshops for groups, dedicated to wildlife photography, along which we will be talking about the configuration and usage of your gear, you will knows some the animal behavior guidelines that will help you anticipate the action, and we will do practices with specific techniques such as highspeed photography that will allow you to get stunning images.

Given the unpredictable behavior of the animals in their natural environment, in case of not being able to capture photographs during the realization of the workshop can be the option to be able to repeat it without charge.

Groups - one-day workshop70 € / person.
Personal training - per hours20 € / h.
Personal training - pack 4h.60 €

Landscape photography

Personal training per hours or one-day / several-days workshops for groups, along which landscapes, seascapes or even urbanscapes will be our objectives depending on the venue and date of execution.

In this workshop we will deal from how to configure your camera up to how to use a "black card", talking while about other topics such as ND filters usage, how to use the hyperfocal, or how to calculate the nodal point of your lens for panning correctly.

You will learn how to manage ephemeris planning tools like Plan-It, Photopills and TPE, as well as to process your landscape photographs from the basics up to how to use luminosity masks.

Groups - 'one-day' workshop70 € / person.
Personal training - per hours20 € / h.
Personal training - pack 4h.60 €

Raptors photography

A full day dedicated to raptor & carrion's photography from hide, during which I'll help you about the set up and usage of your gear so you can take the best pictures while you enjoy the presence in extreme proximity of these species rarely accessible in freedom.

Red kite, Black kite, Griffon vulture, Black vulture, Common buzzard, Golden eagle, Spanish imperial eagle and various corvids are the usual visitors of the wide and comfortable hide with high quality spy glass that I usually use for this workshop.

The price of the workshop includes the round trip transfers from the meeting point located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) to the surroundings of the hide located to 80Km from Madrid, as well as all transfers from there in 4x4 to hide's door.

Given the unpredictable behavior of the animals in their natural environment, in case you can not take photographs of raptors during the workshop, you have the option to repeat it with a 50% discount or ask for a refund of 50% alredady paid if you don't want repeat it.

1 to 3 participants120 € / person.

Macro photography

Does the world of the diminutive attract you? Do you want to know what equipment and techniques are used to make those photographs of what we often can not appreciate with the naked eye?

Personal training per hours or workshops for only two participants, where will review in deep the handling of backgrounds and the lighting techniques both indoors and outdoors. We will talk about specific lenses and accessories for macro photography, focusing rails, and how to handle and prepare samples to be photographed.

You will learn to calculate the effective depth of field with which you are working since in macro things do not work the same, and you will practice some stacks to approach the fascinating world of the extreme macro, finishing the day talking about how to process your images and stacks.

Workshops, 2 participants only70 € / person.
Personal training - per hours20 € / h.
Personal training - pack 4h.60 €

Lighting and flash control

Personal training per hours or a one-day workshop.

In photography, light is essential to achieve correct exposure. Learning to lighting goes beyond, since it not only serves to help us expose correctly, but to transmit certain emotions or sensations as we handle the light.

You will learn how to lighten and control both cobra/hand flashes and studio flashes easily. You will discover how the size, distance, position or inclination of your light sources influence your subject. You will know the basic lighting schemes, and how the different accessories that you can use with your flashes influence to get unique shots full of creativity.

Groups - 'one-day' workshop70 € / person.
Personal traininig - per hours20 € / h.
Personal training - pack 4h.60 €

Workflow & Image processing

Personal training per hours or one-day workshop.

Nowadays in the digital age we are the photographic laboratory of yesteryear, so knowing and managing an adequate workflow, from the capture to get to upload your photograph to a web page or send it to print, is fundamental.

Throughout this journey, your workflow and image processing technics will play a differentiating role, and throughout a one-day session you will know the keys of this process and the tools that will make easier for you that your pictures come to life with just a few clicks of mouse, using for that only the essentials of tools such as Lightroom, Photoshop and some others specific plugins.

Groups - 'one-day' workshop70 € / person.
Personal training - per hours20 € / h.
Personal training - pack 4h.60 €

Introduction to photography

Individual training per hours, or workshops for groups of a day in which we start talking about equipment and technique, we will talk about light, photography, cameras and their lens, as well as other basic accessories that sooner or later you will use

Later we take a photo-walk in which we will clarify concepts and doubts, review the photographs that are taken and share practical tips that allow you to understand and dominate the exposure, play with the defocus, freeze the movement or everything contrary, and learn something about composition, so you can start to stop worrying about technique and focus on enjoying photography.

All of this in a simple, consistent, practical and enjoyable way, and with a support after the workshop in case you have new doubts or difficulties when you start walking alone.

Groups - 'one-day' workshop70 € / person.
Personal training - per hours20 € / h.
Personal training - pack 4h.60 €

What my clients say...

The weather was great and shortly began to enter many birds, which allowed us to have endless opportunities to get great shots. Up to seven different species in a very well controlled and prepared lighting stage. Great learning experience, very good material and excellent technical preparation of the teacher. A highly recommended workshop.

Jose Miguel Perez Romero - Birds and high-speed photography workshop

Juanjo was instructing us on what kind of birds we would find at this season, at what time by usually eat, what they eat, while he was installing all necessary for the workshop so we didn't had to worry about anything. Beside Juanjo we feel as at home. He is happy to teaching all he knows about bird photography and is an excellent photographer and a pleasant guy so we felt good with him.

Reme and Marcos - Photographers - Birding photography workshop

In first place thanks for course you teach me last Saturday. Tell you that it helped me to learn a lot, and I'm sure that from now on will get a lot beneffits of everything learned.

Leonardo Poza - Photographer - Image processing workshop

The course has met my expectations by far. The theory I thought you explained it great, and although it is a complex issue I believe that the basis to understand the lighting are left very clear. Today I had reviwed the manual a little more slowly and is very complete and worked. The photo session in the afternoon also surprised me for good, without skimping on resources. I'm not a butt-kisser, but long time for me without leaving a course so happy like yesterday and I think is fair to say, like when I'm not satisfied also I say it, of course. Many thanks!

José Sotoca - Photographer - Lighting workshop

Thank you very much for the course, well organized, better explained and with all resources at our disposal. A highly recommended experience. regards

José Luis Arroyo - Photographer - Lighting workshop

The workshop was very well organized and deserved much worth it. Customized training allow a better learning experience and also if is not thanks to this workshop never could have had raptors so close and get incredible photos. A highly recommended experience.

Antonio Linares - Workshop raptors photography from hide

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