About me
About me

Juanjo Temiño
Madrid, Spain / 1.962

" I am always pursuing the light, the light makes magical the ordinary "
(Trent Parke)


Aeronautical Engineer and Computer Education, I was soon caught by the magic of photography. The creative power of photography, coupled with my restless nature that brings me closer to all kinds of activities and techniques, is what has made me the photographer I am today. 


For years I worked as a photographer for magazines specialized in motor sports. Later I delved into the study of light, and along with the experience acquired as a photographer over the years, I began to teach courses and workshops on photography, lighting, high-speed photography and image processing, building my other website called  www.fotik.es to manage all topics related to personal training & workshops in photography.


I take pictures simply because I like it, because think about doing pics start me, and fills me with energy. I try not to be pigeonholed in a specific subject to constantly force myself to abandon my "comfort zone", even at the risk that my portfolio may not be homogeneous or specialized.


I don't like define myself, I really prefer to leave that definition to the interpretation of each observer, but it is true that I have always been reflected in a couple of thoughts of one of the greatest in photography along all times:


There are no rules for good photographs, they are just good photographs " / " Photography is more than a way for the effective communication of ideas. It's a creative art.
Ansel Adams


Consequently, I do not intend to show an objective view of the world around us. I prefer to show it as I see it through my camera while I walk an endless path ... "chasing the light".


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· Permanent solo exhibition:

"Peguerinos, a natural paradise"


· "ISO AF PAREST" - #8

  How to photograph dragonflies


· Photography - Birds - Vol. I

· Lighting and models


· Winner "V contest Wildlife photo"

    Fotorevista Argentina - 2017

· Winner contest Canon Spain

    Madbirdfair - 2016

· Winner intl. contest "EDC Natura"

    Category "Wildlife" - 2016

· Finalyst intl. contest "EDC Natura"

    Category "Macro" - 2016

· Winner IV contest Naturalezavision

     Category "Landscape" - 2015

Cameras & Lenses

· Cameras:
    Canon 1D X Mk I

    Canon 1D Mk IV

    Canon 5D Mk III

    Canon 7D Mk II

· Lenses:

    Canon 600 mm 4.0 L IS

    Canon 300 mm 2.8 L IS

    Canon 70-200 mm 2.8 L IS II

    Canon 24-70 mm 2.8 L II

    Canon 100 mm 2.8 L IS

    Canon  65 mm MP-E 2.8

    Canon 16-35 mm 4.0 IS

· Extenders:

    Canon Extender 1.4x - II

    Canon Extender 2.0x - III


· Flashes:

    Canon 580 EXII

    Canon Twin Lite  MT24 EX

    Yongnuo 560 II

    Elinchrom RX-600

· Triggers:


· Tripods:

    Gitzo GT3532LS

    Gitzo GT3542LS

· Heads:

    Zenelli Carbon ZX - Gimbal head

    Wimberley Sidekick SK-100

    Really Right Stuff - BH-55

    Manfrotto 410

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